Can IAS Be Cleared In First Attempt?

Did Anu Kumari take coaching?

First of all, I did not take any coaching for GS papers or for that matter my optional.

But, I did join a test series for my optional Sociology at Nice IAS which helped me a lot and gave mock interviews at diff institutes.

Standalone preparation for 2 months prior to the preliminary exam..

Is it possible to get IAS in first attempt?

‘ If you want to clear the civil services prelims in the first attempt itself, you must plan and study. To cover the vast UPSC syllabus, you must plan your day, your week and your month. You ought to have a daily routine where you spend a fixed number of hours to study.

What to do after failed Upsc attempts?

What Are The Best Career Options After Failing 6 UPSC Attempts At The Age Of 32?Teaching. This is the most respectable position and one can achieve this without any difficulty. … Higher Studies Abroad. … Entrepreneurship. … State Public Service Commission. … Freelance Writing.

How many hours does Tina Dabi study?

eight hoursWith all the support from her immediate family, Dabi would post more than eight hours of study every day with small breaks in between. However, such breaks have also presumably added to her success since she used to indulge in reading books and other information sources.

Did Tina Dabi take coaching?

She did not join any coaching institute but took guidance from her brother who is already in Indian Railway Traffic Services, 2012 batch. She did later go for Mains Test Series and Mock Interviews. She attributes her success to hard work and single minded focus.

How many hours should I study for IAS?

Can these really be counted as hours of IAS exam preparation? These are where; one can delineate and understand the efficiency of studying hours. Ideally, an aspirant should study for 9-10 hours around the year with intensifying it to up to 12 hours prior to a month of the examination.

How can I become a UPSC topper?

Being dedicated to learning new things and consistently improving the way to learn is an art which can be embraced by IAS aspirants by following a strict timetable for studying. IAS toppers realise the importance of consistency in study routine and also take out time to revise every day.

How can I clear IAS in first attempt without coaching?

By following these key factors one can easily crack the IAS exam without coaching.1- Be time bound! … 2 – Follow/Develop a hobby. … 3 – Make it a habit to read one book out of course each month. … 4 – Go through the books you read in a thorough manner and cover each book at least thrice.More items…

Who is the IAS topper of 2020?

UPSC Civil Services Toppers 2020RankName1Pradeep Singh2Jatin Kishore3Pratibha Verma4Himanshu Jain6 more rows

Is BYJU good for IAS?

They offer a lot of courses/content for UPSC preparation. Unacademy has hundreds of useful courses while BYJU’s also offers good-quality content for UPSC. While there are excellent courses on Unacademy from famous educators like Roman Saini among others, not all courses are of good quality.

Can I prepare for IAS in 3 months?

Remember that the preparation for civil services exam is not a cakewalk, hence dedicate minimum 10-12 hours for a study by taking regular breaks to avoid exhaustion. In video| How to prepare for UPSC exams? Dedicate next three months only for the preparation. A proper sleep schedule of 8 hours is also very important.