Can Tinder Ban Your IP?

Can I get unbanned from tinder?

The best way to get unbanned is to wait a couple days after you’ve been banned to let the dust settle.

Then you can appeal to Tinder in a message and hope for the best.

Try to be as polite as possible.

If you’re a paying member, you have a better shot of getting unbanned..

Are Tinder bans permanent?

They last forever, since there is no good way to interact with customer support about this. They ban or shadowban and don’t care. if you paid, your money might be away, don’t forget to abort your suscription in your app store.

How long do tinder shadow bans last?

Another situation I have heard of is that a guy was 5 minutes late for the date, the girl reported him and he got shadowbanned. This happens because Tinder wants to protect its users and ban the ones that make mess. A full shadowban is permanent and lasts until you reset your Tinder.

How do I get my IP unbanned?

How do you work around IP Ban?Change IP address – Change your router or computer’s IP address.Use VPN – Use virtual private network to obtain a new IP address from a VPN provider.Use a Proxy Server – Use a proxy server to access the service from a different IP address.More items…

Why did I get banned from tinder?

Getting reported multiple times WHATEVER you do that makes people report you, can result in a ban. Whether you’re posing with dead elephants, throwing racial slurs around, or just annoying people in any way possible… …if you get reported too many times, Tinder will rid you from it’s dating pool.

Can I use a fake number for tinder?

It is not possible to use Tinder without a phone number. We would say that SMS verification a necessary evil. By forcing every user to verify a real phone number, Tinder forces each user to prove their identity by associating their account with a real world phone number.