Question: How Does The Regal Unlimited Pass Work?

Can you bring drinks into Regal Cinemas?

Like most theaters, Regal does not allow patrons to bring in outside food and drinks.

But that doesn’t deter patrons who surreptitiously hide their own snacks in purses and bags to avoid buying expensive sodas and popcorn at the multiplex..

Is the Regal Crown Club free?

Eligible individuals can enroll in the Regal Crown Club for no cost by either (1) picking up a Regal Crown Club card at any participating Regal Entertainment Group theatre location and register it online at or (2) downloading the Regal Mobile App on a smartphone/tablet and signing up through the app …

Is AMC $5 Tuesday all day?

AMC Theaters, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, has had Tuesday as its nationwide discount day. AMC Stubs members, including ones who had a free membership, were eligible for $5 standard 2D tickets every Tuesday and reduced prices for premium tickets. Now, AMC has begun to raise that price.

Does Regal do free popcorn refills?

Free Large Refills. Regal Cinemas offers a FREE refill (during the same visit) on a large popcorn.

Can I buy Regal unlimited as a gift?

Purchase the gift of unlimited movies for one year with the Regal Unlimited eGift card, your ticket to unlimited movies. Only available for use in the Regal mobile app, this eGift card is redeemable for a one-year Regal Unlimited subscription pass that allows you to see as many as you want as many times as you want.

Does Regal Cinemas have AARP discounts?

Members save up to 20% on Regal ePremiere Tickets purchased online (conditions apply). Tickets are valid at all Regal locations nationwide for all movies and showtimes.

Is the Regal unlimited worth it?

If you go to the movies a lot, Regal’s new subscription plan may be a good value. But with a 12-month commitment and cost of more than $200 a year, make sure that you’ll really use it before you join.

How do I use Regal Unlimited at kiosk?

Once you’ve enrolled, you can obtain your Unlimited tickets on the app, at the box office or through Regal’s theater kiosks….Here’s how to enroll:Download the free Regal App.Click on any Regal Unlimited banner and follow the steps.Pay in-full or month-to-month using a debit or credit card.

Is Regal Crown Club worth it?

However, the Regal Crown Club is free. … This card is definitely worth the two minutes it takes to sign up online if your local theater is a Regal Cinema. A little bit of preplanning and scheduling can reduce the cost of movie theater ticket prices and concessions quite a bit.

What does no passes mean for Regal?

Some movies are “No Pass,” meaning that Regal cannot accept free ticket passes (including admission ticket rewards earned by redeeming credits) during the first few weeks of a movie’s theatrical release.

What is a regal birthday reward?

Regal on Twitter: “Birthday rewards are a free popcorn.

How many tickets can you get with Regal unlimited?

Up to five (5), Regal Unlimited subscribers can be added to your friend’s list. If a friend or family member is added in a different subscription tier, then the Regal Unlimited subscriber that is booking the tickets will be responsible for any upcharges incurred.

Does Regal still do $5 Tuesdays?

All day Tuesday enjoy $5.00 tickets. Find Tickets and Showtimes! All day Tuesday enjoy $6.50 tickets.

Do movie theaters check bags?

Most theatres do not check bags, but if they do they will likely not move things around inside your bag. If you cover your food with other items, you should be fine. … While not against federal law, it is against most movie theater policies to bring in outside food.

What is the best movie theater subscription service?

AMC Stubs A-List: The Best Unlimited Movie Subscription ServiceWhy it’s good: Largely unrestricted access to any showing at a ubiquitous theater chain with no extra convenience fees. … What you get: AMC Stubs A-List gets you three free movies a week at any AMC theater.More items…•

What is the regal unlimited pass?

With an annual Regal Unlimited™ movie subscription pass, you can watch as many movies as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. Plus, get advance tickets as soon as they go on sale, enjoy 10% off all food and non-alcoholic beverages in theatre.

How do you get free popcorn at Regal Cinemas?

This is a free small popcorn that will be immediately loaded to your Regal Crown Club card. Simply present your card at a participating theatre’s concession stand to redeem this tasty popcorn treat. Only ONE discount can be applied per popcorn purchased. This product expires 60 days after purchase.

How do you become a Regal Crown Club member?

Eligible individuals can enroll in the Crown Club by either (1) visiting, clicking the box next to “I don’t have a card, assign me a virtual one,” and registering for a Crown Club account, or (2) downloading the App on a smartphone or tablet at …