Question: Is Casetify A Legit Site?

What are Casetify cases made of?

At Casetify, we’re committed to deliver only the highest quality products in the industry.

Our Liquid Glitter iPhone Cases and Neon Sand Cases are certified for Quality + Safety.

Cases are made using non-toxic mineral oil and materials, inspected by professionals, have passed all safety tests..

Is Casetify made in China?

Casetagram Limited, trading as Casetify, is a Hong Kong-based company that designs and produces phone cases and electronic accessories. … It later expanded to selling accessories with different designs. Since then, it has grown into one of the three biggest accessory brands in the world.

Where are Casetify masks made?

The mask is designed in Los Angeles and produced in China.

How does Casetify UV Sanitizer work?

UV-C light effectively destroys bacteria by destroying their DNA, rendering them unable to reproduce. And while this wavelength of light can be harmful to people, the sources are safely contained inside the Casetify UV sanitizer. You can clean more than your phone as well.

How do I return a Casetify case?

Should you wish to return your item(s), please kindly email us with the reason of return, within 10 days from receiving your order (according to the delivery date on the tracking record, if applicable).

Are CASETiFY cases heavy?

The CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case is a heavy-duty case. It’s not the heaviest case I’ve seen, it is more on the slim side, but it does offer 9.8-foot drop protection. The reinforced QiTech corners protect the most vulnerable points without having to be thick all over.

What phone case do celebrities use?

Celebrity Phone Cases ReviewDemi Levato with Zero Gravity Gold Mirror iPhone 7/8 Plus Case. Image Sources: Instagram & Amazon. … Kylie Jenner – Avocado Case for iPhone. Image Sources: Instagram & Amazon. … Victoria Beckham – Monogrammed Phone Case. … Kendall Jenner – Cow Hide Print Case for iPhone.

Where are Casetify cases shipped from?

CASETiFY is based in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, CA. But we ship worldwide.

Who does Casetify ship with?

Casetify supports iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Apple watch and tablets, and ships from the US with express international shipping.

Not only are Casetify”s hundreds of phone cases cute, they’re practical. They’re made with two layers of shock-absorbing plastic to withstand impact, and the raised bezels around the screen and camera lenses help protect the glass if dropped on a flat surface.

How do you use Casetify sanitizer?

How To UseConnect USB cable to product type-C interface. The circular button stays on for 8 hours.Sterilization: Place your device flat into the box so it can close securely. … Wireless Charging: Put the wireless supporting devices inside the sanitizer.

Are CASETiFY grip cases protective?

Don’t let the cute looks fool you, though. This is a serious case designed for protection. The edges have ridges that give you a more secure grip on your phone to hopefully prevent drops from happening. However, if you do drop your phone, you’ve got military grade protection.

How thick are Casetify cases?

2.5mmBut, if for any reason you want to exchange it, send us an email at What’s the difference between your original Classic Snap Case vs. Bezel Bold? Classic Snap case is 2.5mm thick and impeccably shows off the slim profile of your device.

How long do Casetify cases take to deliver?

two daysUnless noted otherwise in the ordering pipeline, Casetify® ships all items within two days of receiving an order. You will receive notification of any delay or cancellation of your order.

Does Casetify return?

Only unused CASETiFY product(s) in its original packaging and with all instruction sheets/components in merchantable quality is entitled for returns and exchanges. Returns without prior communication with us will not be accepted. Online orders cannot be returned to our retail store(s), and vice versa.

Why does Casetify take so long to ship?

You may on and off notice during checkout that the estimated delivery time is exceptionally long. This could be due to that some products are currently having nil inventory and restock of the goods is in progress.

How do I get free shipping on Casetify?

Free shipping $35+ As long as you spend $35 or more on your order, you don’t have to. No code is required for this Casetify offer. Just add your items to your cart and check out. Once you do, your discount will be applied to your shipping fees automatically.