Quick Answer: Can I Transfer My Verizon Number To Another Verizon Account?

Can I transfer my number from one Verizon account to another?

Verizon telephone numbers can be transferred from one Verizon account to another as long your new account is still in the same service area as your old account.

Even if you get a new Verizon phone with your account you can still transfer your old Verizon phone number..

How do I transfer my Verizon service?

To transfer ownership of a line through VZW.com, log into My Verizon. From the “Account” drop down menu, select Profile Settings. Next, click Transfer of Service under “Account Management.” Click Transfer Service to initiate the process of transferring ownership of your wireless number.

Can I switch from Verizon to another carrier?

When considering switching over to another carrier from Verizon, note that: All 4G LTE Verizon phones come network unlocked. You should be able to use your 4G device on AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon devices may also work with the carrier’s MVNOs, such as Straight Talk, Page Plus and Red Pocket.

How do I separate my Verizon account?

You will have get the account owner’s permission to separate your line and phone including the device payment agreement from the existing account. If you are willing to give up your phone number and device, you can start your own account with a new number.

Can you get off someone’s phone plan?

You don’t. Go get a phone plan elsewhere and tell them you want your old number. They will contact the person in charge of the old plan and remove it to your new plan. Or just tell the person you no longer want to be on their plan and they can cancel it.