Quick Answer: Can We Return A Class In Java?

Can a class return a value in Java?

Constructors cannot return a value; they return the constructed object, so to speak.

You get an error because the compiler is looking for a constructor that takes a string as its argument.

A class contains constructors that are invoked to create objects from the class blueprint..

Can a function return a class?

If a method or function returns a local object, it should return an object, not a reference. If a method or function returns an object of a class for which there is no public copy constructor, such as ostream class, it must return a reference to an object. … Once the function completes, the local object are freed.

What is getClass () in Java?

The java. lang. Object. getClass() method returns the runtime class of an object. That Class object is the object that is locked by static synchronized methods of the represented class.

What is getName method in Java?

File getName() method in Java with Examples The getName() method is a part of File class. This function returns the Name of the given file object. The function returns a string object which contains the Name of the given file object. If the abstract path does not contain any name then a null string is returned.

How do you return a class in Java?

The getReturnType() method of Method class returns a Class object that represent the return type, declared in method at time of creating the method. Parameters: The method does not take any parameters. Return Value: The method returns a Class object that represent the formal return type of the method object.

Can you return a file in Java?

Once you have a valid non-null URL, you can attempt to create a File object from it. … Either way, returning a null item (File or otherwise) is perfectly acceptable within Java.

What is return type in Java?

A return statement causes the program control to transfer back to the caller of a method. Every method in Java is declared with a return type and it is mandatory for all java methods. A return type may be a primitive type like int, float, double, a reference type or void type(returns nothing).

Is instance of in Java?

The java “instanceof” operator is used to test whether the object is an instance of the specified type (class or subclass or interface). It is also known as type comparison operator because it compares the instance with type. … If we apply this operator with any variable that has null value, it returns false.

What is hashCode method in Java?

Java hashCode() Java Object hashCode() is a native method and returns the integer hash code value of the object. … An object hash code value can change in multiple executions of the same application. If two objects are equal according to equals() method, then their hash code must be same.