Quick Answer: Does USPS Check Media Mail?

How much does it cost to send media mail?

Media Mail is priced based on weight, and the Retail Rate starts at just $2.80 for a 1 pound single-piece package.

After 1 pound, the price increases by just $0.53 per pound for single-piece Media Mail (for example, a 2 pound package costs $3.33)..

Why is media mail so cheap?

It’s cheaper as the length of time to reach its destination takes longer. It is the only form of mail that a postmaster can rightfully inspect to determine that it is indeed, “books” or reading material without advertisements. If it was found to have a different content it would be returned.

Can I ship games with media mail?

The material sent must be educational media. It can’t contain advertising, video games, computer drives, or digital drives of any kind. Most books, CDs, and DVDs are all OK for media mail even if not educational.

Is Media Mail slower than first class?

Media mail can travel just as fast as 1st class or it can travel very slow. 1st class mail and priority have no guaruantees either so they can travel slowly as well. However, the USPS is supposed to give preference to 1st class and priority over media mail.

Do calendars count as media mail?

Media Mail is a cost-effective way to send materials such as books, cards, calendars, journals, DVDs, and CDs through the U.S. Postal Service. This service has certain rules and restrictions, however, including a maximum weight of 70 pounds and can only contain educational media.

How often does USPS check media mail?

They do check it occasionally. One time a few years ago, for about a month they spent an entire month or so checking all media mail. This dramatically cut down on businesses that were cheating and sending non-media items. If they determine there is widespread abuse they will probably consider doing that again.

How do I ship USPS Media Mail?

Address the package correctly. Media Mail is addressed just as any other mail shipped with USPS is. Print the recipient address and the return address neatly and clearly with a pen. The return address goes in the upper left corner of the envelope or top of the box. The recipient address goes in the middle.

Does ups have media mail?

You can receive discounts on Media Mail by sending presorted bulk quantities (minimum of 300 pieces), and there is also a bar-coded discount available. Maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 pounds. … Using the UPS network can help you achieve cost savings by using drop shipping and deeper mail induction.

Can you put bubble wrap in media mail?

Your options for Media Mail packaging include flat cardboard envelopes, padded envelopes and boxes. … When using a box to mail books, use an appropriate size and insert packing peanuts, bubble wrap or shipping paper to fill any leftover space. You can then insert any packing slip and seal the package for mailing.

Can you lie about media mail?

If you lie and declare they are media items, they can open them if they are suspicious and it will be returned to you. Media mail is slow. … If they do catch it, it’ll either be sent back to you for proper postage or the addressee will have to pay the correct posted.

What is media mail for USPS?

Shipping in 2–8 Business Days Media Mail® is a cost-effective way to send media and educational materials. This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be sent. Prices start at $2.80 at a Post Office.

Are pictures considered media mail?

Media Mail CANNOT be used for: Photographs or photo albums.

Why does media mail take so long?

Media mail takes ‘so long’ because it is all trucked mail, meaning it is not loaded onto airplanes like Express and Priority Mail. No mail is ‘left behind’. If you mail a book from your home, or the post office, it is on it’s way that day to a processing and distribution center.

Can cookbooks be sent media mail?

Virtually all cookbooks get media mail, even if there is small incidental advertising for similar from the publisher.