Quick Answer: What Does Kake Mean In Punjabi?

What does Mia mean in Punjabi?

The name Mia has origin as American, Christian, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindu, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Punjabi, Swedish, Tamil and Mia is a Girl/Female name.

Mia means: Beauty; Mine; Beloved; Always Smiling; Loving; Queen..

What are girls called in Punjabi?

Synonyms of girlSynonyms in PunjabiਮੁਟਿਆਰSynonyms in Englishyoung lady miss

What does Kake mean?

Kake is a first-class city in Petersburg Census Area, Alaska, United States. The population was 710 at the 2000 census and 557 as of the 2010 census. The name comes from the Tlingit word Ḵéix̱’ or Ḵéex̱’, which is derived from ḵée “dawn, daylight” and x̱ʼé “mouth”, i.e. “mouth of dawn” or “opening of daylight”.

What does Tatte mean in Punjabi?

This is a slang term in Punjabi that roughly means “to sell out”. Literally, the words mean Tatte = “testicles” and chook = “to pick up”, so tatte chook means to pick up their master’s balls for them.

What is the meaning of definition in Punjabi?

a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol.

What is Kuka in Punjabi?

The word Kuka is derived from the Punjabi expression ‘kook’, meaning a cry. … The Namdharis can be easily identified by their white attire and a typical turban.

What is a Namdhari Sikh?

Namdhari, also called Kuka, an austere sect within Sikhism, a religion of India. … The Namdhari movement was founded by Balak Singh (1797–1862), who did not believe in any religious ritual other than the repetition of God’s name (or nam, for which reason members of the sect are called Namdharis).

What is Sira in Punjabi?

Sira – beautiful or cute. Hope it helps.

What does Mutiyar mean in Punjabi?

Huhmzah is right MuTiyaar means young, comely maiden. Gabaroo means young handsome man. Gabaroo all by itself means husband and for a young handsome man we will say “Gabaroo jawaan” muNDaa/aadamii. It is always used as a word combination possibly to avoid misunderstanding.

What does Patola mean in Punjabi?

Patola Meaning: Patola is a Punjabi word that used for Beautiful, Gorgeous and Young girl in punjabi word.

What does Tatte mean in Japanese?

English Meaning(s) for たって adverb, no adjective. strongly hoping or requesting (of something that is difficult to be brought to fruition)

What does WHO mean?

World health organization | Definition of World health organization at Dictionary.com. DICTIONARY.COM. THESAURUS.COM. MEANINGS.

What does 22 mean in Punjabi?

BhaiMany people have been asking us what 22g actually stands for. The number 22 in Punjabi directly translates into Bhai. Adding a G to the end of that literally translates into Bhai G which in turn means dude or guy or bro in English.