Quick Answer: Where Is Settings On Facebook App?

Where is settings on Facebook on Iphone?

To find your settings:Tap at the bottom right of Facebook.Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy > Settings.Tap the setting you’d like to adjust..

Where is page settings on Facebook Mobile?

Click. at the top right of Facebook.Click Settings, then click on the setting you’d like to update from the options in the left sidebar.

Where is General settings on Facebook?

Go to the General Settings tab by clicking on the padlock icon on the top right corner of any Facebook page and select “See More Settings” or visit www.facebook.com/settings.

How do I change my Facebook page from public to private?

Click More then select Edit Group Settings. Scroll down to Privacy and click Change Privacy Setting. Select Private and then click Confirm.

How can I reset my Facebook settings?

You can quickly reset or change highly customized Facebook preferences through your Account Settings page.Log in to your Facebook account and click the gear icon in the menu. … Click the “General” tab, and then click the “Edit” link next to any setting to which you wish to make changes.More items…