What Does The Rabbit Represent In Speak?

What does the Apple symbolize in speak?

One symbol in the novel is the apple itself and the seed.

The apple symbolizes growth, change, and a new beginning.

The apple can also symbolize Melinda’s family.

The seed is when her family was separated..

What do the mirrors symbolize in speak?

Mirrors are often used in literature to symbolize the truth about something because a reflection can not be changed. In the novel Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, mirrors show up throughout the novel to represent the truth about Melinda’s secret, and frustration towards herself.

How would you describe Melinda from speak?

Melinda is the first person narrator of Speak. She is very observant and notices every small detail. Her abuse has made her cynical, though she is very secretive about it. The cliques and social groups (or “clans”) at her school disgust her, a fact which she makes well known through her narration.

What is the main theme of speak?

One theme of Speak is finding one’s voice. Another theme in the novel is identity. The story can also be viewed as speaking out against violence and victimization. Melinda feels guilty, even though she was a victim of sexual assault.

What the tree of life represents?

The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.

What is the falling action of speak?

Falling Action- The lacrosse team sees this and calls 911. Melinda needs to finish her art for a final grade. Mr. Freeman sees how now the Melinda did something about what happened that summer night, she’s finally let go of things.

What does Melinda’s room say about her?

While Melinda’s closet is a haven for her hide from her new, traumatized existence, her bedroom is a symbol of the childhood innocence that she has lost. Adorned with pink roses, the room looks like a child’s, and throughout the novel, Melinda feels out-of-place and uncomfortable within it.

What is the mood of speak?

The novel has a mood or tone of anxiety and tension, interspersed with fear, resignation and then relief. The complexity of the mood of the novel reflects the difficult challenges Melinda faces in finding her own identity after the attack, and dealing with the rejection of those around her.

What is a symbol in the book speak?

Trees. Trees are one of the most prevalent symbols in the novel, appearing in almost every chapter of the book. Trees represent life and growth for Melinda. In the beginning of the novel, Melinda is assigned to draw trees for a yearlong art project.

What does the closet represent in speak?

Melinda’s closet represents the double-edged sword of her loneliness; on one hand, she makes the environment rich and creative, adding a picture of Maya Angelou, a blanket, and her own turkey sculpture. On the other hand, the closet symbolizes her inability to deal with the real world, and her own immaturity.

What are some symbols in speak?

Speak SymbolsTrees, Seeds, Plants, and Forests. Near the beginning of the novel, Melinda is assigned a tree as her yearlong assignment in art class. … Birds. … Melinda’s Closet. … Melinda’s Bedroom. … Mirrors. … Lips. … Blood. … Water, Ice, and Melting.More items…

Why does Melinda need the closet?

The janitor’s closet represents Melinda’s feelings of isolation and abandonment throughout the novel. When Melinda is trying to hide from Mr. Neck, she discovers the empty maintenance closet and decides to make it her own. When she finds it she thinks, “This closet is abandoned – it has no purpose, no name.

Why did Melinda call the cops in speak?

Melinda is the young star of Speak. High school senior Andy Evans rapes Melinda at the end-of-summer party just before Melinda starts 9th grade. … She calls the cops to report the rape, but leaves before they show up.

What does the mascot symbolize in speak?

In Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, mascots are one of the important symbols used in the story. Mascots symbolize the search for identity and how they (the school) are struggling to find out what would really represent them.

What does the tree symbolize in speak?

The tree symbolizes death in the beginning of the art journey. At first, Melinda draws trees being hit by lightning. Melinda states, “I try to paint them so they are nearly dead, but not totally” (30). These drawing represent Melinda problem in identifying herself and symbolizing her pain.

Why is Melinda having difficulty talking?

She tapes a mirror to the back of her closet and faces the reflective side towards the back wall. She does this so she doesn’t have to look at herself. Why do you think Melinda is having difficulty talking? Because she is traumatized by the things the things that have happened to her.

What keeps Melinda silent What is she afraid of?

Melinda stays silent due to trauma and fear. The summer before entering high school, Melinda was sexually assaulted at a house party. She ends up calling the police which causes her peers to hate her for being a “snitch.” However, they are unaware of the real reason she calls which completely isolates her.

What do lips symbolize in speak?

lips are a symbol in Speak because the author shows how teenagers hide the pain or the feelings to the world. For example: Melinda bites her lips because it is the way she tries to tell people that something is going wrong but she does not have the trust in her friends to tell them she was raped.