What Is The Meaning Of Enjoyable?

What is the root word of enjoyable?

enjoyable (adj.) 1640s, “capable of being enjoyed,” from enjoy + -able.

Meaning “affording pleasure” is from 1744.

Related: Enjoyably; enjoyableness..

Is it enjoying or enjoying?

‘I was enjoyed’ is incorrect, as it is the passive form of a sentence that means something like ‘someone/something enjoyed me’ – which is not what you want to convey, I’m sure! If you want the past form of ‘I enjoy’, then it should be simply ‘I enjoyed’.

What is the highest form of pleasure?

The most intense physical pleasure is a strong orgasm. But there might be more important (higher) mental or emotional pleasures (like being accepted or loved) that can outweigh physical pleasure.

What are the greatest pleasures in life?

TOP 10 LIFE’S GREATEST PLEASURESQuality time with family.Time to yourself.Time with friends.More time outdoors.Sleep.Indulging in your hobby.Tasty food that’s good for you.Discovering something new.More items…•

How do u enjoy life?

Here are 25 simple ways you can enjoy your life more, starting today:Focus on Yourself. Other people will always be on hand to offer up their opinions and advice.Make Time to Relax. … Avoid the News. … Nurture Your Positive Relationships. … Meet New People. … Explore New Places. … Keep a Wish List. … Try New Things.More items…•

What does have fun mean?

Wiktionary. have fun(Verb) To enjoy oneself. have fun(Interjection) Used to wish somebody a good and enjoyable time when they’re about to do something.

What is the opposite word of enjoyable?

Antonyms for enjoyable hateful, unhappy, displeasing, unpleasant, sad, tiring, horrible, boring, unfunny, unamusing, unsatisfying, unenjoyable, disagreeable, bad.

How do you use enjoyable in a sentence?

Enjoyable in a sentenceAll this was very enjoyable.Sex with Shana was enjoyable.I found it quite enjoyable.I hope your meal is enjoyable.Yes, we had an enjoyable talk.I don’t think much of Enjoyable.It was an enjoyable chat, indeed.It was an enjoyable time for all.More items…

What is a feeling of great pleasure called?

delight. noun. a feeling of great happiness and pleasure.

What do you call a person who enjoys life?

The original question is: What is the word to describe a person who loves life? My answer: One word is “biophile”, from “biophilia” (from Greek bíos, life and philía, attraction, love), a term that was first used by Erich Fromm, who defined it it as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.”

What does it mean to enjoy yourself?

Verb. enjoy oneself. To take pleasure in something; to have feelings of enjoyment. Synonym: have a good time.

What is the same meaning of enjoy?

SYNONYMS. like, love, be fond of, be entertained by, be amused by, be pleased by, find pleasure in, take pleasure in, be keen on, delight in, appreciate, rejoice in, relish, revel in, adore, lap up, savour, luxuriate in, bask in, wallow in, glory in.

What is a synonym for enjoyable?

SYNONYMS. entertaining, amusing, delightful, nice, to one’s liking, pleasant, congenial, lovely, fine, good, great, agreeable, pleasurable, replayable, delicious, delectable, diverting, satisfying, gratifying. marvellous, wonderful, magnificent, splendid, magical, exciting, thrilling, sublime.

What does enjoying mean?

verb (tr) to receive pleasure from; take joy in. to have the benefit of; use with satisfaction. to have as a condition; experiencethe land enjoyed a summer of rain.

What is the meaning of pleasurable?

: causing a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment : pleasant a pleasurable sensation pleasurable emotions the pleasurable effects of a drug There aren’t many more pleasurable activities than shaking your thing in the streets, surrounded by all the sights and sounds of the carnival. —